Publisher: Mehzeb R. Chowdhury
Mehzeb R. Chowdhury is an author, inventor, publisher, musician and award-winning filmmaker. He worked as a lawyer, and later as a journalist for some of the world’s most well-known publications, before attaining his PhD from Durham University in Forensic Science & Criminal Investigations. His work has been featured in fiction publications all over the world.

Editor-in-Chief: Amber Kennedy
Amber Natalie Kennedy is a poet and short story writer from Oxfordshire, England. Her works explore the themes of travel, conflict, and identity. Amber probes philosophical questions, and is fascinated by the interrelationship between the visual arts, music and writing. Having typically written poetry in free verse, she has recently ventured out to experiment with blank and rhymed verse. Amber is keen to engage in more literary journeys which take her in completely new directions, and is enthusiastic about challenging herself to think about the materiality of her work, as well as its content. While at The Henry Box School in Witney, she led a creative writing group for younger students, and also attended the Oxford Writer’s Squad in 2012-13. She became president of Durham University Creative Writing Society in 2018-19, while reading English Literature for her bachelor’s degree. Amber is due to begin her master’s degree in Creative Writing, also at Durham University, in September 2020.

Fiction Editor: Michael Deng
Michael Deng is a writer from London, England. He became treasurer of the Durham University Creative Writing Society in 2018-2019. His current literary interests include reading and discussing historical fiction in book clubs as well as writing stories and poetry about cultural identities in the modern world.

Non-Fiction Editor: Linda Arrighi
Linda Arrighi is a poet and book reviewer from Parma, Italy. Linda has a degree in Neuroscience and is about to embark on a Psychobiology PhD at Durham University; despite these scientific endeavours, Linda is committed to reading and writing in her leisure time. She writes introspective, relatable and vulnerable poems in free verse which deal with her feelings and thoughts, as well as musings about herself and the world around her. She also has a blog, on which she primarily displays book reviews. She has participated in multiple creative writing courses and was a member of the Durham Creative Writing Society in 2018-19. Her current projects include writing more poetry and completing a sci-fi novel she has been planning for a while. Linda particularly enjoys reading magical realism and scientific sci-fi books, poetry and personal essays. Her favourite works emphasize the psychology and thoughts of their characters.

Guest Editor: Anubhuti Jain
Anubhuti Jain is a poet and prose writer from Jaipur, India. She enjoys collaborating on creative projects related to the arts, often experimenting with a combination of different mediums. She attended the Oxford Creative Writing Summer School in 2016, and became secretary of Durham University Creative Writing Society in 2018-19, joining an inspiring creative community. Alongside pursuing her undergraduation in Literary Studies at Durham, she participated in an intensive year long creative writing course conducted by novelist Dr Fadia Faqir in 2019-2020, getting an opportunity to engage with various written forms and genres, and to work collaboratively with other keen writers. To her, creativity is a process of honesty, and she likes to explore themes dealing with the daily intensities of lived experience.